Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guest Post: Electric Roadways That Power Cars from Tires

Guest Post: Electric Roadways That Power Cars from Tires (via
More than a century ago, the famous scientist Nikola Tesla came up with an appropriate gadget that could transfer energy through electromagnetic waves without actually using any wires. No one ever thought about using the electromagnetic waves to recharge electric vehicles back then, especially since…

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  1. Takashi Ohira at Toyohashi University of Technology and colleagues are developing an approach exploits the steel belt usually embedded in rubber tires. The steel belt collects power excited from a pair of electrodes buried beneath the road surface. And, since the steel belt is electrically insulated by the rubber tread, the researchers used a displacement current at high frequency to penetrate from underground to the steel belt.

    The researchers constructed a 1/32 scale EV to proof their concept for the electric car. The car moved successfully with a power penetration efficiency exceeding 75% at 52 MHz. This is the world-first demonstration of electric power transfer via the car-wheel to the vehicle.

    “If the scheme is applied into practice, we believe it would enable a tremendous extension of the EV cruising range,” says Ohira.